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Coach Rod is passionate about pursuing the development of athletes to represent Team USA at the highest levels of competition. He has a strong scientific knowledge base, but focuses on the evolution of training theory, recognizing that the scientific understanding of training for optimal performance continues to grow and be refined. He does not believe in a “one size fits all” training program, and as such provides each individual athlete with a personalized application, analysis and synthesis. His academic interest is in the development of novel protocols in glycogen preservation (known most commonly as “the wall”) through metabolic efficiency, nutrient & load timing, adrenal management strategies, and application of FuelOpTM training. His credentials and background show a wide variety of cross-disciplinary sports education. As evidenced by his wide variety of sports credentials, he believes in the value of utilizing cross-disciplinary knowledge to develop innovative physiology focused training integration. 


  • IAAF Academy Coach (highest level)

  • USA Track and Field Elite Coach (highest level)

  • USA Cycling Level 1 Coach (highest level)

  • IRONMAN® Certified Coach

  • USA Triathlon Level 2 Coach

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


  • In Progress, Ph.D. Program in Kinesiology (Immunology/ Sport Science) 

    • University of Houston                                                Houston, Texas, USA

  • Master of Science in Biology (Molecular Genetics) (summa cum laude)

    • University of Denver                                               Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (Biochemistry) (cum laude)

    • University of Massachusetts                          Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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